Democracy Spring in Action – Marching, getting arrested, sit-ins – reclaiming our DEMOCRACY


April 16 – 18th
Washington, D.C.
Austin and Dallas events, April 17th (see below line)

Frustrated with things as they are, angry, ready for action but can’t go to D.C.?  You can play a vital role along with your fellow activists.  Read below and keep the fire inside burning!

Dear allies,

Here we are… one day away from the start of Democracy Awakening! Before the weekend activities begin we wanted to share a solidarity toolkit that was just created, which offers folks who cannot travel to Washington, DC this weekend some ways to take action and show their support. The toolkit includes templates and resources to “Contact Your Members of Congress; Take Action on Social Media; Watch the Democracy Awakening Live Stream; and Write a Letter to the Editor.”
Please share with your friends today and over the weekend. Sample social media posts below:
 FB posts:
Rio Tazewell
Government by the People Campaign Manager
PS – we just had our 300th organization endorse the Democracy Awakening!

                        Got the fever and going to join fellow Texans in D.C.?

Clean Elections Texas president, Dave Jones, is joining other Clean Elections supporters and his fellow Texans in DC.  We will post his photos on our FB page, Clean Elections Texas
You can connect with fellow Texans before or during the events there, by contacting Lou McCreary at loumccreary@yahoo.com

From Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s Adam Green about “Spring”


“…So far, so good. NBC, CNN, the New York Times, Associated Press, MSNBC, Vice, international media, and others covered our message. Millions have watched the live stream and Tweeted about this mass action…

The police (who were very respectful) told us Democracy Spring was one of the biggest mass arrests they have ever seen at Congress! They ran out of room to process all the activists!
Others who got arrested on Monday include PCCC organizer Keith Rouda, The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur, social justice activist Jodie Evans, Dream Defender Umi Selah, and Kai Newkirk, leader of 99Rise which spearheaded the organizing of Democracy Spring.
A couple heartfelt reflections…
Keith and I met a ton of great people while we awaited arrest and as we got processed. Activists and regular people who care about their democracy — singing, chanting, talking, Tweeting — all peacefully.
This was my first time risking arrest. Others were in the same boat. As I said in a speech
to the crowd beforehand, “I can think of no more important set of issues, I can think of no better organized effort, and I can think of no better set of people to do this with.”.

Staying in Texas

Austin and Dallas events
Sunday, April 17, 1pm

Join us to be part of a nationwide mobilization to demand action
to defend and strengthen our democracy of, by and for the people.

What are our goals?

To overturn U.S. Supreme Court rulings like Citizens United that have enabled billionaires and big business to spend literally without limit in their attempt to take over our elections. Support small donor/public funding of elections and return the power to the voters.

To demand that Congress do its constitutional duty and commit to a fair and timely confirmation process for the next Supreme Court justice. ” DO YOUR JOB!”

To fully restore the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act that was gutted by the Supreme Court’s recent Shelby County decision, enabling states to reinstitute discriminatory Jim Crow-era laws. Support the Voter Empowerment Act of 2015.


Southwest corner of the Texas Capitol


DALLAS-Sunday, April 17, 1pm

Reverchon Park Recreation Center,
3505 Maple Ave
Voter registration, Activities, Sign-making, Rally, March to Lee Park


WEATHER: Our event is inside but the march may have to be cancelled.

The Dallas rally will include speakers, such as Arthur Fleming, (NAACP); David Griggs, (Sierra Cub); Mark York, (Dallas AFL-CIO), Herb Keener (CWA 6215) Liz Wally, (Clean Elections Texas), Kali Cohn, (American Constitution Society), Magda Cruz (North Texas LULAC) as well as activities, voter registration and a voter’s quiz game, Stamp STAMPEDE, tables with information and a march to Lee Park.  Questions? Liz Wally,  liz@cleanelectionstx.org

Join or support us as we move from this event to preparing for our next legislative session – you know that means we need all the help we can get!



Liz Wally, Executive Director
liz@cleanelectionstx.org   214.821.2237