Clean Elections Texas and other organizations sent a letter today to Gov. Abbott to insist that he create a comprehensive voting system for Texans for the coming elections for the rest of the year (or duration of the coronavirus).  We are particularly focusing at this point on three issues: online voter registration, expanded mail-in ballot program, and safe and secure facilities for those with disabilities or need to vote in person.
The letter is attached.
Let’s join Common Cause Texas right now in writing to the Governor about protecting our upcoming election during this time of uncertainty. See below.
Let Texas Vote SAFELY!
In the Coronavirus stimulus package, Congress authorized approximately $20 million in election assistance funds for Texas. Those funds are intended to be used “to increase the ability to vote by mail, expand early voting and online registration, and increase the safety of voting in-person by providing additional voting facilities and more poll-workers.”
We need your help to make sure every Texan is able to safely register to vote and cast their ballot whether by mail or in person.
Governor Abbott and state leaders should take immediate action to ensure all Texans will be able to register to vote and cast a ballot without fear for their health.  We need to
  • Expand the vote-by-mail program: The option to vote by mail should be available to any Texan who wishes to use it.
  • Extend early voting: Additional days of early voting will minimize lines and protect public health.
  • Ensure safe polling places: Funding must be allocated towards ensuring every poll site in the state has all the space, disinfectants, and other resources it needs to meet public health guidelines.
  • Let Texans register to vote online: The majority of voter registrations in Texas involved some kind of person-to-person contact. That is simply not safe right now – we need to allow Texans to register to vote online.
Let’s make sure our state leaders act quickly to use these funds for their intended purposes – and not delay or try to divert the funds for other purposes
Our state leaders have the time and resources to make this happen as long as they act quickly.

We particularly encourage those of you who live in the suburbs, ex-burbs, and small towns or who have not written to the governor before to join us in taking this step. Your voice will be louder because it will be noted as “not the usual crowd” by his staff.

Sharing from Fair Courts Texas and LWV!
From Fair Courts Texas
Did you know that Census Day has been around since 1790? It was created with the enactment of the Census Act of 1790 and defines a person’s residence as the place where they lay their head on Census Day. This year brings complications to that definition. With the coronavirus displacing many people from their normal place of residence (like college students and those that live in group quarters), the Census Bureau is trying to get the word out that you should still count yourself at your normal residence (at school or at your retirement community) for the 2020 Census. If you live in a dormitory, your school will provide the count to the Census Bureau for you. Please share to help get the word out!
We must not lose track of the 2020 Census during these unprecedented times. The census will shape our democracy for the next decade and serve as the foundation for fair elections. The Census Bureau has already been forced to suspend field operations until April 15, and any further delay of the data collection will jeopardize the accuracy of the count. We must come together and do what we can to help promote self-response to the census. An accurate snapshot means that communities across the nation receive the funding, services, and business support they deserve and need. And your responses are confidential. To learn how the @uscensusbureau protects your information, visit 2020census.gov
To self-respond to the census online: https://my2020census.gov
To respond by phone: 844-330-2020

The League of Women Voters has created a Census Social Media kit to help promote the census online.  It is located in the Census Tool Box (click on button below), in the bullet that says “Promote the Census today!”. We will be posting the content of the kit on our social media accounts over the course of the upcoming weeks, so be on the lookout to share.
Here are some ways you can help promote active participation in the census,
now through May 30:
  1. Create social media posts promoting self-response methods. Here is an example post:
“Please support the #2020Census!
You can self-respond online, by phone, or by mail.
To self-respond to the census online: https://my2020census.gov
To respond by phone: 844-330-2020
For Language Assistance: https://2020census.gov/en/languages.html
2. You can find social media graphics in the LWV TX toolkit
3. Promote the real-time response rates for your area on social media using: https://www.censushardtocountmaps2020.us
4. Promote Census Day — April 1 — on social media and in newsletters
5. Send a group text to your friends to remind them to participate in the 2020 Census. Prompt them to respond online at https://my2020census.gov or over the phone at 844-330-2020 Also ask them to forward the text to 5 friends.
We understand that not everyone will be able to participate during these unpredictable times. Just know that no effort will be too small and that we appreciate all that you can do.
Please help us shape our history by promoting participation in the 2020 Census!
Questions?  Comments?   Liz Wally  liz@cleanelectionstx.org  214.821.2237

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