Secure Our Vote
There’s precious little time left to secure our elections for 2020.
From our coalition partner, Public Citizen:
Action One – Today
The 2020 presidential election will be held in a little over a year – and the first primary elections are just months away.
There are still very real threats to the security of our elections, but the U.S. Senate has failed to act to safeguard our democracy from foreign interference.
Earlier this year, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the SAFE Act, which allocated $600 million to fund election security efforts in states and localities.
The Senate needs to follow their lead – but Mitch “Obstructionist” McConnell keeps refusing to bring any election security bill to a vote.
Refusing to take action is practically an invitation to anyone who wants to meddle in our elections.
Our democracy is at stake – and we can’t let McConnell’s stonewalling and inaction stop the Senate from doing what’s right.
Thank you for making the call to ensure that people like you and me – not hackers or foreign meddlers – decide our future.
Christine Wood
Public Citizen’s Democracy Is For People Campaign
You can still make calls tonight and tomorrow!!
ACTION TWO – NEXT WEEK  September 17th
The entire national security community agrees that election interference in 2016 was only a preview of what’s to come unless Congress acts. Yet the Senate has failed to move forward with critical election security funding for states.
Do you know what won’t protect our elections from future meddling? Sitting on our hands.
Due to popular outcry, we have a chance to win $600 million to secure our elections by replacing election machines with paper ballots in the next Congressional appropriations whose deadline is October 1.
There are events already scheduled in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.  If you live elsewhere, you can set up an event where you are – whether it is 5 people or 50!  It easy and you will receive help.
The evidence is clear: In 2016, Russia targeted voting systems in all 50 states and used social media to spread disinformation and disunity among the electorate.
In response, the House recently passed HR 3351, which would allocate $600 million to states so that they can update electronic voting equipment with systems that use verifiable paper ballots. Paper ballots are the best protection against cyberattacks attempting to change the outcome of our elections.
Without a paper trail, our voting system is extremely vulnerable to hacking and foul play. In 2018, 14 states used voting equipment that had no way of verifying vote counts in the event of a cyberattack.
Mueller’s report and recent testimony implored lawmakers to focus on election security, but finger wagging and hand-wringing will not prevent another attack on our democracy. What we need is common sense legislation that gives states the resources they need to secure our votes.
We need your help making the case for it.
Voting is the lynchpin of our democracy — and we can’t affect change on the issues that matter to us, from gun control to health care, without securing the ballot box.

Tues. Sept. 17th Election Security Day of Action – Constitution Day


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Cody, Dave, Diana, and Sandi winding up after Annual Mtg, June 2017

DFW 4 Democracy Jan 2017

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APRIL 17, 2016

FullSizeRender-1Texans in D.C. for Democracy Awakening
Meeting With Cornyn’s Staff
IMG_1689          Press Conference on Anniversary of
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Arthur Fleming and Dave Jones, Press Event, June 26, 2016

Arthur Fleming and Dave Jones, Press Event, June 26, 2016

Speaking to the What's Happening in Texas crowd Aug 27, 2016

Speaking to the What’s Happening in Texas crowd Aug 27, 2016