Secure Our Vote
There’s precious little time left to secure our elections for 2020.
The call from states and localities for more funding has been resounding at every level, but Mitch McConnell stands solidly in the way, even as the backlash against him continues.
The House passed $600 million in funding to states and *localities* to secure the vote; the Senate has done nothing by way of funding, but the Senate Appropriations Committee is coming up with their proposal now.
Broken and hackable voting systems can and have been used to suppress the vote; this should not stand.
Join Stand Up America, Public Citizen, People for the American Way, the Mueller Book Club and others to take action to shame Mitch McConnell and the Senators who back him for keeping our democracy as vulnerable as possible.  We’re focusing especially on targeting vulnerable GOP Senators and non-ally Senators in the relevant Senate Appropriations Committee.

Tues. Sept. 17th Election Security Day of Action – Constitution Day

  • Press events outside of Senate offices with a priority focus on target Senate Districts. We will have a map of events in Texas as they get set up.  You can join one already planned or set one up yourself.  Stayed tuned.


One night only! In Dallas, Tuesday, September 10th – put “Rigged”on your calendar!

Join us for a viewing of the documentary, Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook.” Click on image below to buy a ticket.

Clean Elections Texas Education Fund (“CETEF”), along with our co-hosts,  invite you to a screening of the documentary, “Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook” narrated by Jeffrey Wright. Filmed primarily during the 2016 presidential election, the film tracks the systematic decade-long effort to suppress votes and discourage mostly minority voters from exercising their right to vote.

The film will be followed by a special panel discussion where we will be discussing how we can fight these tactics right here in Texas!

Co-Hosts: American Promise North Texas, Common Cause Texas, Dallas Peace and Justice Center, Faith Forward Dallas, J.L. Turner Legal Association, Latino Voter Empowerment Coalition, March to the Polls, National Council of Jewish Women – Greater Dallas Section, Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, Texas Organizing Project

CETEF is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Texans about the way our elections work, the role money plays in elections, and the option of public funding.

Cost:    $10 per ticket


Past activities:



Cody, Dave, Diana, and Sandi winding up after Annual Mtg, June 2017

DFW 4 Democracy Jan 2017

Getting ready to go into a committee hearing – Austin,  Jan 2017


APRIL 17, 2016

FullSizeRender-1Texans in D.C. for Democracy Awakening
Meeting With Cornyn’s Staff
IMG_1689          Press Conference on Anniversary of
          Shelby County vs Holder
Arthur Fleming and Dave Jones, Press Event, June 26, 2016

Arthur Fleming and Dave Jones, Press Event, June 26, 2016

Speaking to the What's Happening in Texas crowd Aug 27, 2016

Speaking to the What’s Happening in Texas crowd Aug 27, 2016