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Congratulations – Redistricting – Action
 Just when you think your voice doesn’t count… 
We WON!  The 17th was a big day for election security – our efforts to get funding for election security were heard on the Hill! Mitch felt the pressure and changed his stance.
We went out all over the country, also sent petitions, and backed the legislators working on this bill—and WON. CONGRATULATIONS to every one who worked so hard on this including our conservative partners! This has been a serious team effort, and will continue to be until we win.
                Dallas                                                                             San Antonio

More Action on Secure Elections

As you know, the funds approved by the Senate fall far short of the House bill both in amount and language to target the funds effectively. $600 million itself is a practical number that is less than what is truly needed to secure the vote nationwide. For more information how much is needed across all levels of government, see theBrennan Center statement on the funding vote.
REMEMBER: A back of the envelope illustration of why these numbers could really matter: the Senate’s $250 million with no prioritization language* would not even cover 13 new voting machines per Texas county, if the funding reached the counties at all.
If instead, the House bill’s $600 million with language directing funding to top priority security needs passed, the 40% or so of Texas counties that need to replace all their paperless voting machines, could likely do so. This is just one example why, both the amount and the language for how it can be used,  is so important.
Please call your Senators now or on Monday at 833-413-5906 through ally group Stand Up America.
You’ll be asked for your Senator’s name at the Switchboard and then connected. When the Senate staffer answers the phone (or the recording), tell them: (use you own words or choose one or more of these)
–  I appreciate the Senate Appropriators’ votes in support of *some* election security funding.
–  Let them know that language to prioritize replacing paperless voting systems must be included and that much more funding is needed.
– This funding if distributed with no language to target the most vulnerable localities that lack paper ballots, would only allow a county in Texas for instance, to buy 13 voting machines for the whole county. It’s too little to be of help.
– There are many critical election security needs beyond replacing paperless voting machines.
Ask “Will the Senator speak out in support of at least $600 million in funding and targeting the most vulnerable election security needs?”
Let us know how your call went at info@secureourvote.us.
The Fake Emergency Funding
This issue has come up again and the Senate is in the position of either standing up for itself and the separation of powers or caving to Trump’s end-run around their authority.
S.J. Resolution 54, the resolution terminating Trump’s fake emergency to build his border wall, was introduced in the Senate on September 10 by Senators Udall, Collins and Shaheen (it can be introduced every 6 months and is privileged so McConnell needs to bring it to a vote)  and referred to the Senate Armed Services Committee.  Call now: 888-517-1661
Revoke Trump’s Fake Emergency: The committee has 15 days to vote on the measure, the deadline is SEPTEMBER 25. Then three calendar days to be voted upon on the Senate floor – September 28, and then the House. Please support the vote. Below are several ways to take action.  These sites were up in the spring the first time around and now working again for this round!
Background:  In Texas, the state legislature is constitutionally mandated to draw the lines to determine the geographical boundaries of congressional and legislative districts.  After the Census in 2020, the Texas Legislature will convene in January of 2021 with the task of drawing these lines. This is what we call the “Redistricting” process.  State legislative committees are already beginning to prepare for this responsibility.
The Texas House Redistricting Committee has scheduled a number of hearings to seek “public input” into the redistricting process.  Hearings have already occurred in Austin and San Antonio.  Fort Worth and Dallas hearings are scheduled for October 9th and 10th. The hearings are an opportunity for ordinary citizens to provide the legislators with any testimony or other information they believe should be relevant for the legislature to consider in the redistricting process.  For example, citizens might testify about how existing district lines have had an impact on their ability to have fair and adequate access or influence with their elected representatives.  Testimony about where lines should be drawn to protect the cohesiveness and mutual interest of various communities that have common interests in the provision of certain public services would be another example of potentially relevant testimony.
To help prepare community groups and any interested citizens to give testimony at the upcoming Redistricting Committee hearings, the Fair Maps Texas (www.fairmapstexas.org) coalition of citizen groups, together with the Texas League of Women Voters will be conducting “training” sessions.
What:    Next training for those planning to testify at one of the hearings
Where: Temple Emanu-El ,8500 Hillcrest Ave., Dallas, 75225
When:  This Sunday, Sept 22 from 2 to 4pm
At the “training”, experienced volunteer members and staff from the League of Women Voters, the Texas Civil Rights Project and other Fair Maps Texas coalition groups – will provide background information, testimony guides, and other advice to assist those who attend in preparing to testify before the Redistricting Committee.  The goal is to “demystify” the testifying process and encourage ordinary citizens to appear at the hearings and exercise their right under our democratic system to give input to their elected representatives.  Of course, attendance at the “training” is certainly not required in order to testify at the upcoming hearings. But for those who feel like they need additional support, advice or information, the training this Sunday should be helpful.
Dates of Field Hearings
Fort Worth       October 9, 2019
Dallas               October 10, 2019
Collin County  January 21, 2020
Mid-Cities        January 22, 2020
Tentative dates for all hearings so far (subject to change until formal notice goes out 30 days before the hearing:
You can find current notices here:

For updated information:  https://www.fairmapstexas.org/events 


Past activities:



Cody, Dave, Diana, and Sandi winding up after Annual Mtg, June 2017

DFW 4 Democracy Jan 2017

Getting ready to go into a committee hearing – Austin,  Jan 2017


APRIL 17, 2016

FullSizeRender-1Texans in D.C. for Democracy Awakening
Meeting With Cornyn’s Staff
IMG_1689          Press Conference on Anniversary of
          Shelby County vs Holder
Arthur Fleming and Dave Jones, Press Event, June 26, 2016

Arthur Fleming and Dave Jones, Press Event, June 26, 2016

Speaking to the What's Happening in Texas crowd Aug 27, 2016

Speaking to the What’s Happening in Texas crowd Aug 27, 2016