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Have you noticed how many people are talking about money in politics?

Just yesterday, I heard Diane Rehm discussing the issue with her guests.  They framed money in politics as a central facet in a widespread loss of confidence in government.  In the New York Times, commentary on Jonathan Soros’ Super PAC to end Super PACs (that’s a whole other blog post) and more.

It seems that every other day I hear discussion or mention of campaign finance issues I never heard a couple years ago.  The issue is gaining ground in the public arena.

Look at what New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said about his goal to reform the state’s campaign finance system:

“The challenge with campaign finance is it’s not high enough on the priority list for the people,” Cuomo said in the Capitol’s Red Room. “The legislators aren’t hearing enough about it. … To get something done, for me, in this town, I need to leave this town, wage a whole education effort and get the issue up to the top of the list.”

Cuomo’s comment really struck me.  We can’t enact campaign finance reform without educating the people about the problems and solutions.  We know this, of course, but sometimes we forget to join the conversation and spread the word when the opportunity presents itself.  Call in to radio shows.  Share newspaper articles online.  Ask questions of candidates and elected officials.  Talk to friends and family.  These little things matter tremendously.

The momentum is building, and we are the ones who will keep it going.

Read more about Cuomo:

By Cody Meador.  Cody is President of Clean Elections Texas and a ninth grade English teacher in Dallas.  She has been involved in campaign finance reform efforts since organizing for Democracy Matters in college.

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