Meet Our Summer 2012 Interns

My name is Nelson Turk, and I’m a junior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. I’m an American citizen who has lived overseas (primarily) in Asia most of my life. My mother is Thai, so I am fluent in Thai, while my first language is English. While living in Shanghai, I began taking Mandarin lessons, until graduating from high school with a total of 4+ years of Mandarin. I chose to attend SMU based on the Business and Economics programs and the swim team (division 1). With Clean Elections Texas I hope to learn as much as possible about implementing change and learning how to use current government institutions for a fairer election process.

My name is Jenna Hernandez and I’m so ecstatic to be working with Clean Elections Texas. I am working towards a degree in Government at University of Texas at Austin. I hope to help raise public awareness about Clean Elections and why they’re important, and to utilize and expand my skills in research. In my off time I enjoy cooking, DIY projects, and seeing my friends and family.

My name is Emily Fankell and I’m a senior at the University of Notre Dame studying political science and anthropology, although I am living in Austin for the summer. After graduation, I would like to work in the non-profit sector, having been inspired by the passion and commitment of those who work to make a difference in society.  I’m excited to work with Clean Elections not only as a welcome distraction to my thesis, but to understand more about our political system and contribute to the fair elections movement, as well as experience first-hand the efficacy of an active citizenry.

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