Premise: To bring systemic change, we have to have elected officials knowledgeable about real campaign finance reform options and the ways to work together with others to change our laws.

Step 1. We must elect representatives who commit to making change.

Get to know your new 2018 candidates as well as the incumbents. To find out where they stand on changing the system, attend Meet & Greets, forums, fundraisers, panels, or just call them up, email, or use social media to ask your questions. Let’s start with finding out if they see a problem with the system as it is.

This is the first of our candidate questions. More details about ways to use these questions will follow over the next months.

Are you concerned about how much money is required to run for political office?

Background:  Studies show that the cost of running for office is often prohibitive, even for qualified candidates, if they lack personal wealth or access to special interest funding. Consequently, candidates are compelled to spend a great amount of time fundraising from wealthy interests—a small part of the total electorate—rather than communicating with a broad cross-section of voters and constituents and attending to their interests.

Our second question. Our first one asked about the cost of campaigns. Now we want to find out if the candidate is comfortable with the current system of funding campaigns and, if so, why, and, if not, why.

Do you believe that campaign finance reform is needed on a federal/state level and, if so, is there any specific legislation that you would propose or support to address the issue? If not, why not?

Background:There is a lot of evidence that reform is needed. Limits on the amount of contributions made directly to candidates (a result of state/federal laws and rulemaking) and candidates supported by outside “SuperPACs” (a result of Citizens United) would be one solution. Other than in judicial elections, Texas has no limits on the amount of money an individual or PAC can give directly to a candidate. As a result, a small number of wealthy citizens now fund our elections. In the 2014 election, nationwide, less than one quarter (1/4) of one percent of the U.S. population contributed to elections.
In January, we will add two more questions, as well as suggestions for using them and for sharing the answers and reactions to your questions.  If you use social media, check out our Facebook page, and our Twitter account, for more suggestions and updates on the latest articles on issues, such as public funding, small donor matches, voter vouchers, transparency, tracking donor gifts to candidates and elected officials, and more.

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Sponsored by Clean Elections Texas and the League of Women Voters of Dallas


Open to the public. Parking is free.

The headlines are screaming about Russians hacking our elections and voter fraud, but what’s the real story? A panel of experts will brief us on the Kobach Commission goings on, election security in Dallas, and what the future portends.


  • Grant Hayden, Esq, Professor of Law, SMU, Dedman School of Law, Areas of expertise includes voting rights. Teaches election law.
  • Charles McGarry, Esq, Filed lawsuit on behalf of LWV TX regarding Pence/Kobach Commission. Has handled a number of significant election law cases.
  • Toni Pippins Poole, CERA, CPA, Dallas County Elections Administrator
  • Dr. Rajin Koonjbearry, Dallas County IT Chief Security Officer

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Cody, Dave, Diana, and Sandi winding up after Annual Mtg, June 2017


DFW 4 Democracy Jan 2017


Getting ready to go into a committee hearing – Austin,  Jan 2017








APRIL 17, 2016

FullSizeRender-1Texans in D.C. for Democracy Awakening
Meeting With Cornyn’s Staff
IMG_1689          Press Conference on Anniversary of
          Shelby County vs Holder
Arthur Fleming and Dave Jones, Press Event, June 26, 2016

Arthur Fleming and Dave Jones, Press Event, June 26, 2016



Speaking to the What's Happening in Texas crowd Aug 27, 2016

Speaking to the What’s Happening in Texas crowd Aug 27, 2016