Why We Need a Constitutional Amendment

The Gilded Age was the post-Civil War period of American economic growth, fueled by corporate wealth accumulation.
The notion of limiting or banning corporate campaign contributions arose during that era.  Many states passed such laws, fearing that the electoral process would be corrupted by money flowing to candidates, shielded by the corporate veil.  There was thus a time when we thought it was axiomatic that money corrupts, and should be limited, or at a minimum, watched closely.  The goal was an informed voter.
With Citizen’s United, freedom to speak has morphed to freedom to spend, and worst of all, that freedom is now a corporate right.
A constitutional amendment to ban all corporate political spending is imperative, and to permit full disclosure, and limits, on individual political spending, is the answer.
By Mike Holloway.  Mike grew up in a family immersed in Austin politics; educated in government and law at UT-Austin; disturbed by influence of money in politics, interested in increasing the influence of ordinary citizens on our government; says he loves America as much as those who constantly are trumpeting how much they love it.  He wants to prove it by working on clean elections.

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